General Submission Rules

All submissions to the Journal of International Crisis and Risk Communication Research (JICRCR) may use plagiarism detection software to screen or review submissions. 

Author(s) state that by submitting the manuscript to JICRCR, the content submitted is original and all appropriate citations, clearances, and permissions are provided. Plagiarism in all its forms is unethical and is cause for removal of a manuscript from review or retraction of a published manuscript.

Author(s) work that involves the use of human participants or data that involves any human interaction or observation must complies with the research ethics policies of this journal. If an author is uncertian of the the standards of research ethics for the social sciences, please consult the most recent version of the Declaration of Helsinki for a complete understanding of author responsibilites. 

All studies involving human participants or observations must have prior Institutional Review Board (IRB) before data is collected. Author(s) are required to provide a statement confirming prior IRB approval either within the manuscript or within a cover letter to the editor. The exact name of the Institutional Review Board (or regulating organization) should be provided along with any other methods of consent that would indicate that ethical standards were followed.

All submissions involving human participants must indicate that voluntarily informed consent was obtained from the participant. This includes outlining any of the potential benefits or potential risks to participants. All participants must be fully informed and understand if data anonymity or privacy is assured.

Consent must be obtained from legal guardians for participants who are not adults, defined as being less than 18 years old or who are otherwise classified as vulnerable and/or unable to provide informed consent.

Please see the instructions for authors, for all other information concerning submission.